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Fietsstages Baguet te Mojacar & Calpe

Stages de Vélo

Cycling Stages


LHoe zwaar/lang zijn de begeleide fietstochten?

De lengte en moeilijkheidsgraad van de fietstocht worden bepaald volgens de groep waar u voor kiest.

Er zijn 3 groepen voorzien.
Groep 1 fietst gemiddeld 22-25 km/u en rijdt tochten van 50 tot 80 km/dag.
Groep 2 fietst gemiddeld 25-28 km/u en rijdt tochten van 100 tot 120 km/dag.
Groep 3 fietst tochten gemiddeld 27-30 km/u en rijdt tochten van 130 tot 150 km/dag.

Groep 1 krijgt hellingen van maximum 1 km met max. stijgingspercentages van 5-6 %.
Groep 2 krijgt hellingen van maximum 5 km met max. stijgingspercentages van 9-10 %.
Groep 3 krijgt cols van 5 tot 10 km met max. stijgingspercentages van 11-12 %.

De vermelde gemiddelde snelheden zijn indicatief. Alle begeleide fietstochten kunnen in de mate van het mogelijke worden aangepast in functie van de specifieke noden van de begeleide groep.

Hoe groot zijn de begeleide groepen?

Naargelang het aantal deelnemers kan het zijn dat bepaalde groepen worden samengevoegd, dit wordt ter plaatse beslist. In normale omstandigheden zijn de groepen niet groter dan 25 fietsers.

Where do we start?

All individual steps and go accompanied the bicycle garage. The start time of each group together is indicated on the Baguet Bicycle Center's information table in the hotel lobby.

What kind of bike do I ride?

Having agreed with the terms and have signed the lease, the customer receives a TREK ALR4 with Tiagra group to it, depending on the destination chosen, for the period specified in the lease. Participants who come with their own bike accompanied join the group they wish. All bikes are in the underground car park.

What we do in bad weather?

As the roads can become dangerously slippery in rain, routes can be changed or shifted to another time. If you want, you can train indoors on the reels. You can find information about it on the Baguet Bicycle Center's information table in the hotel lobby.

Are there a support vehicle during the week accompanied cycling?

The Baguet Bicycle Center does not provide for following car. In case of serious technical problems and / or other problems, you can call an emergency number that we provide. In this situation, we ensure that you receive help as soon as possible and we pick you up if needed, regardless of where you are on the course.

Are there a planned refueling during the week accompanied cycling (2 or 3 groups)?

Yes. A supply is provided for the accompanied steps (2 or 3 groups). A Baguet Bicycle Center's support car will take place at an agreed place on the course to enable participants to stop briefly to refuel. The car assistance from the starting place. This way we have the possibility of giving food and / or additional clothing. It is also possible to fill the water gourds or Isotonic Etixx during the refueling stop.

Is the helmet obligatory?

Absolutely, the helmet is mandatory in Spain. The helmet without participants are not allowed together in groups. Each participant must bring their own helmet. We advise all cyclists individual steps for their security, also wear a helmet.

Should I bring my own pedals?

Yes, each cyclist must bring their own pedals.

Accompanying groups?

During the weeks of cycling together, we always appeal to experienced cyclists that define the rhythm of the given group. We are still waiting that everyone is gathered over each side / neck. Each participant drives at his own risk. The Baguet Bicycle Center and / or its escorts are not responsible for any accidents and physical injuries of participants or without steps.

During the weeks of cycling together, do I stay in the same group?

No, you are free to change group, it is necessary to warn companions of the respective groups.

Can we make the individual steps?

During the weeks of cycling together, you are indeed free to take a ride in one bike. Notify simply accompanying the group. During the weeks of cycling together, you can ride alone in helping you bike or special cards with MIO Cyclo.

Should I purchase additional travel insurance?

We actually recommend each participant to take out a good travel insurance with their travel agent or a tour operator.

Should I pay a deposit or a bike insurance for the rental bike?

Yes, every participant who rents a bicycle Baguet Bicycle Center must pay a deposit of 90 €. 90 € are refunded on return of the bike after a technical inspection if no health damage.
Yes, every participant who rents a bike from us must pay a mandatory bike insurance of 10 €. bike insurance compulsory € 10, which is applicable in case of theft or damage, must be taken for granted.

Do I clean the rental bike myself?

No, you need to take care of the rented bike, but Baguet Bicycle Center will clean the bike rented at the end of bike week.

Can I bring my bike?

Yes, you can put your bike in the bike garage Baguet Bicycle Center. For the plane, provide a solid bike bag. Warning! Do not carry CO2 cartridges in your bike luggage, they will inevitably be removed by the airline.

How long the bike garage he remains open?

Opening hours every day from 8:45 to 10:30 and from 16h to 18h. It is possible to make minor repairs in the bike garage. If you arrive outside office hours, you can hang your bicycle to the gates with the lock or in the space provided..